You probably have heard that having a fantastic looking website is all you need for success growing your business online. Sadly, that is not the full story. Below explains the process which Maltonite uses to help you gain business from online sources.


Great content is really good at attracting visitors to your site from search engines like Google. The more amazing, helpful and insightful content you have (provided it is relevant to your target audience), the higher chance that they will stay on your site for longer, along with a higher chance of being found for a search term by Google.


Now that you have attracted your website visitor to your site, you need to convert them into a lead.

So how do you do this? By creating really useful and valuable content for your visitor. The content, for example an eBook, is placed behind a form. The visitor will only get access to the content after they have filled in a form. This process allows you to convert your visitor into a lead.


Now that you have generated your first lead, you need to nurture them, to convert into a new customer. Depending on the product you are selling, will vary the approach you should make towards nurturing your leads.

If you are selling a lower value, high volume item, e.g. a piece of software, it makes financial sense to have as much, if not all of your nurturing process using automated emails with additional helpful content to get your lead to become your next customer.

If on the other hand you are selling a higher value item or service, speaking to them on the phone may be the best way to convert them into a customer. After speaking to them, putting them onto a lead nurturing series of emails may be wise if they are not at the right stage to have an appointment or buy.